My mum would always say to me ‘Alex, you’d rather have a new pair of shoes than breakfast’. She’d be right too! I love fashion, always have. But more recently it’s become more than wearing pretty clothes and being ‘trendy’.

I’m not sure i’ve ever been particularly trendy anyway, but have always been very sure of what I like to wear and over the years i’ve got bolder with my style, more confident in wearing what I want and not giving two hoots what anyone thinks as long as I feel good. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong

That’s why I created Time For Brkfast – I want to share what I have learnt about developing style and prove that you can turn it around no matter how big or small the change.

My aim is to create a Fashion Movement. Let’s make a shift from settling with what we wear to falling in love with our wardrobe and ourselves. It can be a small movement or as big as the world, as long as you do it for yourself. It might not be comfortable and you may need to try a few times before leaving the house, but I promise, you can totally do this.

So, come in, take a look around. There are videos, style inspiration, and you can shop some yummy things to buy (Coming Soon). You should never stop growing and learning after all, once you stop, what’s left?

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