My Why …

My why around why i’ve switched from being an image consultant on the high street, to wanting to learn more about sustainable and ethical fashion …

Over the last few years i’ve grown to love writing. I don’t have the opportunity to do it often, but I am passionate about what I write about and only write about what I believe in.

As this is my first Time For Brkfast blog, I thought i’d start with my Why. Why am I here and why do you want to hear what I have to say? I love fashion and have done since I can remember. I used to go out in my hey day and come back with a whole outfit or 2 for a night out. The more my wardrobe was bursting, the better. Then I had children and my outlook changed. I could still love fashion, but I had less of a disposable income and lets be honest, as much as it’s true to say ‘having kids shouldn’t stop you wearing what you want’ and it really shouldn’t, for me, practicality and comfort (let us not forget comfort) won and so I found a way to still be true to me, but be OK with what got covered in mucky hand prints (just to be clear here, there isn’t much i’d let get covered in mucky hand prints, i’m very precious about my clothes (and kids, but I can wipe them clean)).

featured image and this image, Pinterest

All of a sudden the fashion industry was at the forefront of the media and on the socials and news of how the planet was being killed by fast fashion was rife. I’ve always hated fast fashion and there are many places I refuse to shop because of their ethics. The way I shopped and where I shopped just didn’t sit right with me anymore. Buildings were unsafe to work in and people were being killed because their working conditions were so unsafe, but thanks very much, I got a complete bargain, I can just bin it when it’s worn out in about a weeks time and don’t I look fabulous?

Report on Bangladesh Building Collapse Finds Widespread Blame ...
Rana Plaza, the garment factory collapsed in 2013, killing 1,134 people

The statistics on how bad the fashion industry is on the planet just blew my mind (this is a good read – and I started thinking differently about where I wanted to shop. I’d walk into shops and was overwhelmed by all the material that potentially will end up in landfill, the rails and rails of clothes. Maybe I over thought it, but like I said, it blew my mind and I knew I wanted to make some changes to my wardrobe.

And so here I am, my why is because I care more now about how my clothes are made, where they’re from and I want to share my knowledge, learning and share the smaller, more interesting brands with you. They’re way more interesting than what’s on the High Street and there’s less chance of you turning up wearing the same as someone else to a wedding!

I wanted to share with you where it all changed for me and I started taking more seriously the impact the fashion industry is having on our planet. However, for whatever reason, the full documentary has been removed from the www, but if you have a few minutes, check out the trailer for the Stacey Dooley documentary, Fashions Dirty Secret. Even these 3 minutes is enough to blow your mind! (capooowwwww)

Fashion's Dirty Secrets | Critics | Broadcast
BBC 3, Stacey Dooley Fashions Dirty Secrets

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